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When Should You Book Your Wedding Photographer?

when should you book your wedding photographer

As we’re rounding the bend to what I would say is the ‘official’ beginning of wedding season I thought it would be a great time to touch base on when should you book your wedding photographer for your big day.  Let me just say this first I know that there are a ton of suggestions out there on the internet on bridal sites, blogs and even on those checklists you have in your big wedding planner book that you purchased.  Take my advice on this one: ignore what they say and read on.  We live in a fairly ‘rural’ area and while there may be tons of photographers out there there is only ONE for you and your fiance.  You’ve painstakingly done hours and hours of research browsing the internet for the perfect photographer reading every blog post, getting to know that person and then you send them your e-mail to find out more because you just know it in your heart that they’re the one you need to capture every single little moment of your day.  Then the e-mail comes back and your heart drops, gasp! – they’re booked for your date, how could that be?  Read on for a bit more about when you should be booking your wedding photographer and what to do if they’re already taken for the date.

1. When Should I Book My Photographer?

There is no simple answer for this, I don’t have a strict rule as some photographers do to how early they’ll book a photographer but I will tell you that it’s April today and I’ve already booked weddings for October of the following year.  So that’s 19 months in advance folks, whaaaaa?  Really?  Yes, really.  I’ll tell you the reasons why this is happening, and you might be thinking wait, my fiance JUST slipped the ring on my finger last week and we’re planning a wedding for October of THIS year – now what?  Well, you might have a hard time finding your perfect venue, caterer and photographer.  There really isn’t any way to sugar coat it, couples are booking much more in advance these days and the great venues, caterers and photographers go fast.  My suggestion is: 12 months is completely normal, 18 months is better and 6 months likely may not get you what you were dreaming of.

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2. Only one of Us, Only One Saturday Each Week

I know, I know.  I shouldn’t have to say it but it’s true – there is only one Christy here and there is only one Saturday per week.  While you may be planning a Friday wedding or a Sunday wedding (or hey, even a Tuesday wedding) it doesn’t matter what day you’re getting married because I can only be at one event at a time.  Once you’ve booked your big day with me you can be safe knowing that your day and celebration is the only thing on my calendar that day.  I will not double-book or stack weddings per day – that is unless you are getting hitched in a double wedding with your twin sister or best friend (just kidding!).

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3. Limit to # of Weddings Per Year

Yes it’s true.  Each photographer you come in contact with likely will limit the number of weddings they take on per year – in fact I do that myself.  Once that number of dates is snatched up and marked off on my calendar I don’t take on any more so that I can focus on each of those lovely couples and give them the attention they deserve to make their day so very amazing.  You wouldn’t want your photographer showing up ragged and on 3 hours of sleep now would you?

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4. You’re Booked, Now What?

It happens, sad to say but it does.  There is always one HOT HOT HOT date every year and truthfully I never know what date it’s going to be until it’s booked and gone and the wedding e-mails keep rolling in for that date.  Likely your photographer will help you by offering up some suggestions on other available photographers – just ask and I would be more than willing to send a note to some wonderful photographers I’m in contact with to get you in great hands for your big day if I’m already booked.

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Are you planning your big day and need a photographer, hey don’t wait to see if I’m open, shoot me an email to see if I am.

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