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Classic Wedding at the Eau Claire Golf & Country Club

Little did Liz know that back in November of 2012 that she was being set up Lucas. They ended up meeting up at a small dive-bar in downtown Eau Claire and as Liz put it, “sparks flew, and I will be forever grateful to our friends who thought we’d make a good match.” These two…

Joyful Eau Claire Wedding at The Florian Gardens

Over the past year, I have met with Kirstie & Erik four times, and so it was truly no surprise at how wonderful their joyful Eau Claire Wedding at The Florian Gardens would be. Kirstie & Erik met while they were both going to school at UW-Eau Claire. Erik was the upstairs neighbor to Kirstie’s…

Beautiful & Bright Wedding at The Florian Gardens

In June of 2016 two separate groups of friends decided to go out to a salsa club – and it was there on the dance floor of that salsa club that Michael spotted Emily. Michael walked up to Emily, asked her to dance and spent the rest of the night on the dance floor together!…

Elegant Purple Wedding at The Florian Gardens

Who knew that a simple Snapchat that a mutal friend sent would bring Heather & Dustin together? Back in the late fall of 2015 Heather and a friend were bowling and ended up sending Dustin a Snapchat of the two of them together – and the rest is history! Last Sunday, Heather & Dustin had…

Relaxed Wedding at The Florian Gardens in Eau Claire

On Halloween of 2014, a friend of Brittany’s casually invited Jake along to a peddle pub ride – and as Brittany says, “the rest is history.” When I asked Brittany & Jake how they wanted their wedding day to feel, they said they wanted it to feel like a relaxed wedding at the Florian Gardens…

photo of eau claire wedding photographers christy janeczko smiling at camera

Hi, I’m Christy

I am honored time and again that I am able to let couples tell their own story as it unfolds. I try to document each moment in a joyful, genuine and romantic way.  Have a look around and when you're ready to talk about capturing your day, send me a note.

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