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Mother’s Day Gift Photo Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, it lands on Sunday, May 10th this year for all of you who didn’t know (go mark it on the calendar – run, hurry).  This is always one of those blog posts that is on my to-do list but it always slips through the cracks and what do you know, Mother’s Day will be next week and it’s too late.  So this year I’m going to give you some great ideas for Mother’s Day gift photo ideas – and you don’t even need to schedule a session BEFORE Mother’s Day… you can give one as a gift.  Ooops.. looks like I already gave away one idea.

Gift a Session

Surprise her with a session on you!  What better way to capture your family than to give her the gift of images that she will love for many, many years.  Something that she will jump for joy about.  Contact me and I will send you a lovely gift certificate that you can stick in with her favorite box of salted caramel chocolates or a bouquet of her favorite flowers.mothers day gift ideas eau claire photographer

Schedule a Session Before Mother’s Day

Want to give her a big surprise?  Maybe you have a few siblings and you would love to see the surprise on your Mom’s face when she opens a box with a framed picture of the three siblings!  That would definitely be a way to get some big brownie points because you know that she would be so happy to take it home and hang it on her walls.  Contact me to schedule a session before Mother’s Day and we’ll make sure she has something to love when she opens your gift.  I have time slots available before May that are just in time for Mother’s Day.mothers day gift ideas eau claire photographer

Surprise her with a Print (or Canvas)

Did you have a session this year (or maybe last year, or the year before)?  Or are you scheduling a session just in time to print something lovely for Mother’s Day?  A beautiful print in a frame or a gorgeous canvas would knock her socks right off tied up with a beautiful bow.  Let’s chat about some great options that will guarantee to make your Mama smile!mothers day gift ideas eau claire photographer

Give an Heirloom Album

To me there is absolutely nothing better than something tangible in your hands from a session.  Something you can walk away with and look at over the years to come.  Let’s face it, the disc or USB that you may have purchased after your last session – did you even print anything from it?  Is it sitting in your office untouched?  Why don’t we create something that will become a cherished piece of your home that you can enjoy and will last for generations.  Ready to give your Mom or Wife something that will bring tears to her eyes?  This is a guarantee with an heirloom album from your last session or wedding.

mothers day gift ideas eau claire photographer

Like these ideas and want to schedule a session, buy a gift certificate or a print?  Contact me now and we can figure out the perfect fit for your Mom this year.


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