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Helpful Tips for a Stress Free Wedding Day

tips for a stress free wedding day

I remember the week approaching our wedding I think I was the most stressed in all of the stages of planning our wedding and I’m a wedding photographer!  My biggest stress factors were really just things that couldn’t be done before the week or the day before the wedding – like setting up chairs and decorating our reception venue.  Things like that just aren’t items you can check off your list until the very last minute, however there ARE things that you can check off your to-do list that will make your day less stressful so I’ve compiled a list of a few helpful tips for a stress free wedding day.

I can’t say it enough, if you plan accordingly your day will go more smoothly.  One of the things I talk with all of my couples about the first time we meet and throughout the planning process is a wedding day timeline.  Your day will flow much, much more smoothly if you sit down and write out just exactly WHEN your events are happening that day.  Yes, things don’t always stay exactly on track but most of the time being 15-20 minutes behind won’t matter if you’ve allowed for a little extra time here and there.  Things happen, but if you’ve planned well enough those little things won’t matter.

helpful tips for a stress free wedding day

Plan extra time so you can let loose and dance a little.

Make sure you confirm details with ALL of your vendors… venues, florist, officiant, dresses/tuxes, catering, hair and makeup, DJ/band.  There is nothing worse than not knowing if your DJ is going to show up or not.

helpful tips for a stress free wedding day

Things ALWAYS, I repeat ALWAYS take longer than you expected.  I have had things get off schedule by an hour at weddings and while planning out a seamless timeline is the best thing you can do – things do happen so always plan for extra time.  You just don’t know who is going to get lost on the way to the ceremony or portraits (it might be YOU – yes this has happened).  Or your Aunt Betty might forget that she has to be in family portraits after the ceremony and she’s 15 minutes late.  It happens, allow extra wiggle room for those moments.

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Allow extra time in case someone is running behind (it might even be YOU).

It’s not a bad idea to build an emergency wedding day kit for yourself and bring an extra pair of shoes.  Those gorgeous pumps you worked so hard to find might not be the most comfortable thing you’ll wear that day – throw in a cute pair of flats, too.

Here are some ideas on how to get a wedding day emergency kit started.  Here’s another one…


No matter what, take it in stride.  Enjoy the day and be flexible to changing plans.  It might rain and you have to move your ceremony inside, there might be a 5k race at the location you originally wanted your First Look.  Be flexible – I promise that your images will still be gorgeous even if the park you were set on isn’t available.

helpful tips for a stress free wedding day

Even if it’s down-pouring… just relax. It’s going to be ok! Just look at the rain falling behind Melissa & Clint.


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