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Gorgeous Eau Claire Golf & Country Club Wedding | Lynne & Mike

They met at McDonalds, flipping burgers and taking orders at their first job at the age of 16. Four years ago they reconnected on Facebook.  Mike meant to send a message to Lynne that she looked just like she did in high school and whoops it ended up on her Facebook wall instead.  Last weekend they made it official surrounded by family and friends at their gorgeous Eau Claire Golf & Country Club wedding. modern eau claire wi wedding photographer

Just before noon I arrived at the church where Mike & Lynne would be getting married.  I always get to the venues a little early to check on what things are looking like that day and the heat started rising and it was a bit humid – thank goodness for air conditioning at both their venues – but as Lynne, her daughter Chelsey and her maid of honor Terri arrived you could just feel the absolute joy in the air.  I photographed a few of Lynne’s details that she would carry with her that day including the garter her Mother wore on her wedding day and the purse her Mother carried to her high school prom.

When I walked out to meet Mike for the very first time, you could sense the joy and love he radiated for Lynne just as much!  Lynne & Mike chose not to see each other until they walked down the aisle and it was so touching as Mike & his parents waited for Lynne’s parents to walk her down the aisle and greet each other with such love.  We spent a bit of time out on the golf course where Lynne & Mike spend much of their time as members and how gorgeous it was to neatly tie the day into a bow.

Another special note is that there was a dance between Lynne’s father and her great-aunt the day of the wedding.  So many touching details make this one of my  favorite weddings to date.  Thank you so much for allowing me to document your day, and congratulations to you both!
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Vendor Information

Church // St. James the Greater

Reception // Eau Claire Golf & Country Club

Gown // Allure

Cake // The Frosted Petal

Florist // Bonnie Howard (friend of the family)

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