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Featured Product: Hardcover Coffee Table Books

Round two of the product feature is a brand-new product to Christy Janeczko Photography. I stumbled across this great book through another photog-friend from school. Let me tell you when I opened the box of my sample I was blown out of the water… absolutely blown away! This is the best book I’ve found yet for it’s price.
What I was so blown away with about the book was the quality of the image and the feel of the pages. The texture and feel of the pages are so amazing you have to touch them for yourself. So, if you’re interested in this product send me an e-mail and we can arrange a meeting with “the book.” This book also has hinged pages so it lays flat and will not close on you, like other library-type bound books.
Photo hardcover book

110 lb. glossy, lay-flat hinged paper

Protective coating on every page

Comes with a keepsake box

8×8 square

40 or 80 pages with 75-100 photos each
*Quotes can be fit in on top of the images if chosen, although not reccomended. If quotes are needed the original Coffee Table Book is your best choice. With the Hardcover book, simplicity is key!

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