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don’t blink

i can’t believe it. i’m home. i don’t think it’s really hit me yet. i feel uninspired and lonely. the thought of going and photographing things here makes me sad. but, i’ve been doing it, it’s just hard to get motivated enough to go out and shoot things in a way that i’ve never shot them.

i am working on a new project, which i’ve mentioned to a few people, hopefully within the next week or maybe by the end of the weekend i’ll have it pretty much wrapped up enough to post.

missoula became a part of me this past summer, in ways that i never thought it would. when i left wisconsin for montana i was in a position where i didn’t want to be going there, and i left montana feeling the same way about wisconsin. when i first decided to attend summer intensive i was single, and i had no obligations. i was on my way to finishing my last semester of college and it would be the best time in my life to take the leap and fly. then, i met wes. it was hard leaving after we met and for me to go off and attend summer intensive. but i made it through – we made it through.

reason number one why i made it through summer intensive, friends. i met so many people in missoula that opened their arms to my friendship, i am amazed. i never expected to meet so many wonderful people who would change how i look at life and photography. i have them to thank, and they are the reason i had such a hard time leaving the big sky.

now that i am back in good old wisconsin, which supplies much of the beer that everyone in the country so dearly loves (and cooks their brats in), i have begun to dig through my 3000+ pictures that i took in the big sky country.. and i have found a few that i overlooked while i was there, and that i now treasure for many reasons.

so raise your drinking glass – these are for you.

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