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Meet Danielle, a Licenced Professional Counselor working in the Chippewa Valley. I’ve known Danielle for a few years and so when she reached out to me for some counselor branding photos in Eau Claire that felt warm & welcoming I knew that together we could create something that fit her vision.

Danielle specializes in working with children and is such a sweet, sweet person. She’s doing wonderful things!

I have so many wonderful branding sessions to share with you from over the past year. Everything ranging from branding sessions at the CJP studio in Bloomer to downtown Eau Claire… but today you’ll see a mix of the studio & Eau Claire sessions with Danielle!

Are you looking to update your headshots so that you feel warm, welcoming & like you? Let’s get you out of the confines of a dark studio! Send me a note and let’s chat!

photo of eau claire wedding photographers christy janeczko smiling at camera

Hi, I’m Christy

I am honored time and again that I am able to let couples tell their own story as it unfolds. I try to document each moment in a joyful, genuine and romantic way.  Have a look around and when you're ready to talk about capturing your day, send me a note.

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