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Christy Janeczko Photography Promo Video

I was was young, and I remember the day clearly.  I decided to play with my mom and dad’s old Kodak Instamatic. I pushed a button. There was a bright flash like white lightening, and the sound of the flash bulb firing.   I thought I broke the world for a minute. The smoky smell made me dizzy. I breathed it in and before the film had time to advance, my life had changed.

Those photos, my first ones, are sprinkled in albums here and there.  They took their place beside of images of my grandparents getting married.  My grandma holding my mom, tenderly. My first pictures, sit beside pictures of me when I was one, four, ten. There are pictures of me eating my first watermelon slice, or sitting in one of my dad’s many vintage cars.    Those first pictures, all are a part of my history, my story.  It was life and it was largely unscripted, and so much was yet to be written.

I’m so excited to be sharing something with you today that has been in the works for a good deal of time! I want to invite you in to see what it’s like to work with me behind the scenes as I launch the Christy Janeczko Photography promo video for weddings.  Katie & Chris lovingly welcomed me to capture their wedding day and also are a huge part of this film about what goes on the behind the scenes here every day.  I love each and every minute I’m able to spend photographing couples so in love and I think you’ll see that once you watch the video – that I love putting my heart and soul into each and every image I create.

I also want you to know a little bit more about me, and who’s behind the camera.  As a wedding photographer I spend so much time with you capturing your story.  I absolutely love each day that I wake up and I’m able to live my dream.  So, in sharing these things below you will get to know a deeply personal side of what I do:

I’m also so thrilled to share a few headshots that were taken by my favorite photographer, Mandy Tincher while she was visiting me and second shooting a couple weddings by my side.  We had one of those nights photographers dream of for light the night Mandy photographed these.

headshots christy janeczko photographyheadshots christy janeczko photographyheadshots christy janeczko photographyheadshots christy janeczko photography

Are you looking to work with someone who will capture your day in a fun, personal and unscripted way?  Contact me for more information about how I can tell your story.


Headshot Images: Mandy Tincher, Pixel Pixie Photography – Rupert, WV

Video: Molly Marie – Eau Claire, WI

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I am honored time and again that I am able to let couples tell their own story as it unfolds. I try to document each moment in a joyful, genuine and romantic way.  Have a look around and when you're ready to talk about capturing your day, send me a note.

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