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Bridal Emergency Kit, Save Yourself Some Wedding Day Stress

You never know what’s going to happen in the middle of your BIG day.  You’ve been planning it for a year (or more) and everything has come together so perfectly and what, oh my gosh you forgot your (insert horrifyingly simple everyday item here) and not one can be found on any person in your bridal party and gasp you are out in the middle of nowhere at your beautiful country ceremony setting.  Here comes the bridal emergency kit to save the day!  PS: This has happened in real life, I won’t name names here folks but well… it happens.  You just never know what that little item might be either!

So, here’s a little tip to make your day a little less stressful – build your own bridal emergency kit.  It won’t take much more than a trip to your local big box store but in the end you’ll find yourself a little more at ease when it comes to wondering if you put on deodorant or brushed your teeth (I know, gasp – right?) right before you walk down the aisle to marry your one-and-only.

emergency bridal kit


Here is a list of items you might want to think about putting in your kit:

  • nail polish
  • toothbrush & toothpaste or mints
  • sewing kit
  • Shout! wipes
  • eye drops
  • safety pins
  • bobby pins
  • Advil
  • lint roller
  • bandaids
  • razor
  • lipgloss
  • lotion
  • hairspray
  • floss
  • a pair of flats
  • granola bar – oh you forgot to eat, did you?

Here’s a kit I put together to show you how quickly and easily one comes together and how thankful you’ll be on your wedding day when you don’t have to stress about finding a safety pin to help fix your bustle  after Uncle Alfred stepped on your dress while boogieing down on the dance floor.

win an emergency bridal kit

Oh, lucky you it’s St. Patty’s Day and guess what?  This bridal emergency kit is going to be given away to one of my lucky brides booked for the 2014 wedding season – a winner will be randomly drawn by my little love L tonight and I’ll be posting the winner on the blog tomorrow!

emergency bridal kit giveaway

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