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bridal emergency kit | the winner is…

Yesterday I posted about a little bridal emergency kit right here on the blog and I said that my little L would be choosing a winner and I would be posting about it.  So if you haven’t checked out the post about the bridal emergency kit you really, really should because you just never know what you might forget on your wedding day (gasp… deodorant or a razor… eek).   Now, on to the winner.

L is such a sweet thing… but she puts everything and I do mean EVERYTHING in her mouth… just one of those things that I have to watch for.  So, I had no idea how this was going to go over, like as in if she would eat the winners name before I got to see who she picked out of the tin… haha!  She really surprised me and had a ton of fun with it, so without further ado… here’s the winner:

win an emergency bridal kitemergency bridal kit giveawayemergency bridal kit giveawayemergency bridal kit giveaway

emergency bridal kit giveaway

The winner is Ashley V — from Ladysmith! YAY hopefully this will come into good use for her October wedding!

emergency bridal kit giveaway

After she picked the lucky winner she picked out a couple of books for us to read!


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