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blair’s pretty spring 6 month session | bloomer, wi baby photographer

It’s no secret that our spring has been unseasonably chilly aaaaand rainy this year, so like most of my spring sessions Blair’s 6 month session had to be pushed back because of the soppy wet grass and chilly days.  Not to fret, we ended up having the perfect evening for Blair’s pretty spring 6 month session.  Let me just say, can you get a look at that hair?  It’s so darn cute I can hardly stand it, and of course she surprised Mom & Dad with it the day she was born (you might remember her from 6 months ago, but if not you can look here to see her in-hospital newborn session).  Blair was just so full of smiles (except for during those pesky wardrobe changes…. she doesn’t like those too much!).

It’s sessions like these that make me enjoy my job so very much (and love my clients even more…).  DiAnna (Blair’s gorgeous mommy) and I go back to marketing school – we met on my first day there and really grew up not all that far from each other.  We ended up becoming close and doing a lot of our marketing projects together, attending class and a few years later I stood up as a bridesmaid in her wedding to Jesse.  It’s just so beautiful how life comes full circle once you have a little one of your own, and I’m so happy that their dream has come true.  They have a wonderful little girl and I’m so very happy I was able to photograph her 6 month session.

I’ll quit talking here and you can see more of what I’m talking about below!

modern eau claire wedding photographerpretty spring 6 month sessionpretty-spring-6-month-session-bloomer-wi-christy-janeczko-photography004

pretty spring 6 month session

A few with Mama & Daddy too!


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