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Angela’s Realtor Branding Photos & Headshots in Eau Claire

If you’ve been following along on Instagram or Facebook you’ve probably seen a bit more branding & headshot photos lately. That’s because I have a fun new studio space and I decided it was high-time that we stepped out of the confines of a dark studio to bring some modern, light & bright branding & headshots to the Chippewa Valley. This post has been a long time coming since Angela and I met up early this spring – so it will be a flashback to some warmer days!

What do I love about Angela’s realtor branding photos & headshots in Eau Claire? They’re fresh, they are taken IN Angela’s office at Woods & Water realty and they speak about her! She’s not just there to sell a house, she truly wants to help you find the house you’ve been dreaming of!

Angela Welch at Woods & Water realty in her office for her realtor branding & headshots in Eau Claire
Angela Welch typing at her desk at Woods & Water realty in Eau Claire
Angela Welch, Woods & Water realty realtor holding an Accepted Offer sign.

Want to step out of the confines of a dark studio, too? Let’s chat about branding photos & headshots that tell the story of what you do!