meet christy janeczko

Sincerely documenting life & bringing you closer together

I’m Christy Janeczko (pronounced ja-ness-co) and I believe that sincerely documenting life brings us closer together. I love the chance I have to step back and watch all the love stories unfold. I am honored that I get to be the keeper of moments who ensures that generations from now, grandchildren will be able to see your story come to life in their hands. It began with my own Grandfather documenting life through the lens of his film camera at every family gathering, and I still can’t begin to describe how close of a bond our family built through that lens. I seek to do the same for you through documenting your story.

I started as a marketing major, but after realizing my heart didn’t end there, I moved to Montana to attend photography school. Ten years later, I couldn’t be happier. Road tripping to a workshop with a friend from college and quitting my side job as a result was both the scariest and best thing I’ve ever done. I know this is my calling and my heart. Together we get to create heirlooms, and that means the world.

I live in Bloomer, Wisconsin with my husband and our sweet daughter. We love to sing and dance in the kitchen and explore the North Shore together. Proud homebodies, we love to do anything from working on puzzles to baking cupcakes, and collecting vintage hot rods is a family tradition of ours passed down for generations.