A Wedding Day with Christy

Over the course of the summer if you attended a wedding in the Chippewa Valley it’s more than likely you may have caught me behind the lens.  I may have been smiling, I may have been crying – and I probably had my camera glued to my face for 8 hours.

So, I’m going to take you on a behind the scenes trip through my wedding season (with a few from last season sprinkled in, too) to share a little bit of a look behind the scenes here at Christy Janeczko Photography and what it’s like to be on the other side of my lens.  As a guest, you may wonder what in the world I’m up to – how I can create moments in the midst of a flurry of excitement.  Why in the world I took them out in the rain with an umbrella – or maybe why I picked that certain little pocket of light.  Believe me, there’s a reason.  Here is a toast to all of my couples who have trusted me and chosen me to document their day – it’s an honor and privilege to document your day.  Thank you for sharing those moments with me.  The small ones, the big ones and everything in between.

So… here we go starting with Megan & Joe’s day: The trust that Megan & Joe had in me was AMAZING… I literally led them to a driveway through the middle of a cemetery.

I might have to pinch myself mid-wedding to make sure that this is real life – like at Katie & Lukas’ wedding in Glacier National Park.

I’ll give you some good hand motions – helping you pose.

I’ll try to blend in with the guests so that you have the genuine moments sprinkled in with the posed.  A moment like this with grandma looking on just can’t be recreated.

I’ll peek at a thing or two between shots, but I promise I’m creating something that you won’t be able to wait to show your friends.

I’ll probably also rock some embarrassing footwear, especially if I have to crawl through snowbanks to get the perfect shot.

I’ll either be laughing or crying right along with you & your guests during toasts.

The bridesmaids might question my joke skills… but I promise the photos will be stunning.I might stick you in this tiny little spot with a ton of little obstacles that make you think – REALLY Christy, really?  But then you get this:

My goal is to always make sure that you have images where you look relaxed – and I want you to feel that way too.  But I know in the midst of the wedding day that isn’t always easy.  Take a peek at what Melanie & Derek were looking at, yet how gorgeous is the portrait below.

A few sunset photos near Lake Holcombe… no problem!I’ll even hold your beer AND my camera just to get one more family shot outside.

Let’s play Where’s Waldo – can you find me in the sea of guests?

I’ll try to make family photos & bridal party pictures as painless and quick as possible!

I will probably climb up on anything… just to get the shot!

I’ll hide in a sea of guests trying to blend in, to get that perfect shot, too.This though, is where your guests might question my intentions… but don’t worry all is good.

I might dance around to get the PERFECT angle.

You’ll wonder what in the world I’m doing when I stick you between a house and a garage.

and what I see…

I’ll quietly document your first look, and get the tiny details along with the big picture.

I’ll watch the radar – I promise.

We WILL make magic – magic that will create heirlooms for your future children & grandchildren to find with joy.

Just one more peek at this one because it’s too good not to share huge!

Are you ready to share your story with me?  Let’s create some heirlooms together!  Contact me for more information.

photo of eau claire wedding photographers christy janeczko smiling at camera

Hi, I’m Christy

I am honored time and again that I am able to let couples tell their own story as it unfolds. I try to document each moment in a joyful, genuine and romantic way.  Have a look around and when you're ready to talk about capturing your day, send me a note.

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